The curse of the Giants, AL Wild Card predictions

Is there actually a curse of the Giants, or are they just a perennial f^k up? Maybe it’s a New York football thing, because the Jets have been a dumpster fire longer than Mia Khalifa’s snatch.

Speaking of snatch, what a week it’s been at the beach here in Costa Rica. If you’ve never been, and you like girls, partying, fishing and surfing, do yourself a favor and visit. Some day I may get into a few specifics, but it’s something you truly need to experience for yourself.


Handicapper Report

I had a bad night last night, going 0-2. I rode the Giant (MLB) train again last night. The Padres went up 5-0 after 5, and even though SF showed some heart, a 3-run 8th for SD put the game out of reach. Can the Padres make a run and get into the Wild Card round?

My TNF pick last night was the WTF -3. I had them winning by a TD, and if you watched the game, you know they should have lost.

The Curse of the Giants

Is there anything worse than watching a field goal sail wide, giving your team a victory, only to be called for a stupid penalty? The kicker gets a second chance, and usually they never miss those opportunities.

Watching Kenny Golladay barking at Daniel Jones on the sideline was typical of this franchise. Maybe there is a curse of the Giants, or maybe the locker room culture breeds malcontent.

They brought in a Belichick disciple to coach them for this very reason, no?

It is going to be interesting to watch how the Giants new 72 million dollar investment is going to payoff. After watching film on Golladay, it’s plain to see how him and Stafford gelled.

They regularly worked the sidelines, because Stafford has the arm strength AND accuracy. Jones seems to be more of a huck it and chuck it kinda dude. This is one storyline I’ll be watching all season.

American League Wild Card Race

So, that brings us to the MLB and the playoffs. With just a little over two weeks left in the season, most teams have played around 145 games.

In the AL, 5 teams are still legitimately in the race. The Blue Jays and Red Sox currently own the invites, with the Yankees (0.5 GB), A’s (3 GB) and Mariners (4 GB) still in the mix. All 3 of those teams are .500 or worse in their last 10.

The Jays have played 146 games, BoSox 148, Yankees 147, A’s 146 and Mariners 146.

Toronto’s schedule has them finishing the season versus Minnesota (7 games), Tampa (3), Yankees (3) and Baltimore (3).

Boston has to play Baltimore (6), Mets (2), Yankees (3) and Washington (3).

The Yankees will play Cleveland (3), Texas (3), Boston (3), Toronto (3) and Tampa (3).

The A’s have the Angels (3), Seattle (7) and Houston (6).

Seattle closes the year out against KC (3), Oakland (7) and Angels (6).

AL Wild Card Prediction

In my opinion, the A’s have the toughest route to a berth in the 2021 MLB playoffs. The Yankees have the best shot at a spot, but that’s strictly based on the fact that they control their own destiny. With games versus the Jays and Sox, they can go on a run and get a spot.

One glaring stat I noticed is home vs. away records. All 5 of the teams in the Wild Card race have very similar records at home and on the road. They’re winning between 54% and 60% of their home games, and between 50% to 54% of their road games.

Here’s how the remaining games at home look:

– Jays 16 games, 9 at home

– BoSox 14 games, 8 at home

– Yankees 15 games, 9 at home

– A’s 16 games, 7 at home

– Mariners 16 games, 7 at home

With how the Jays have been playing, I can’t bet against this young, inspired club getting one of the WC spots. After sweeping, and never being behind in a 4-game set at Yankee stadium last week, I can’t wait for that series.

The BoSox have been very inconsistent, and I’m not sure their pitching staff can hold up. If they can get healthy after COVID ran through them, they can possibly hold on.

The A’s have the most going against them. Including strength of schedule and most away games (tied). The Mariners are doing things that not even the best prognosticators & cappers predicted. I think they’ll give the Astros a run for their money in the division next year (along with the A’s), but this year, they will fall short.

American League Pennant Odds

Here’s how the current odds look for teams to win the American League pennant:

Astros +175

Rays +300

White Sox +325

Yankees +500

Jays +750

Red Sox +850

A’s +3000

Mariners +3500

Indians +30000

Angels +30000

These odds go right along with my thoughts for who is going to earn a Wild Card berth into the playoffs. Find yourself some good odds on the Jays and Yankees making the playoffs.

Is the Curse of the Giants Real?

That’s it for today folks! I’ll be looking at the NL Wild Card race in the coming days. The weekend is here and I will try to resurface before NFL Week 2 kicks off in full force on Sunday! Maybe I’ll dive in the curse of the Giants after their sideline scrap gets beat to death by the media. What do you think? Is there really a curse?

Keep your stick on the ice and your nose clean!

By Joe Berra


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