NFL Week 3 musings, Joe West gotta go

Joe West has been terrible the last few years, but this last week has been, as Shaq once said about Craig Sager’s jacket, horri-awful.

Joe West Live Betting

I watch a ton of ball … it’s a perk of the job and getting my money’s worth watching day games. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out one day that Joe West has a system with guys backing him by placing live bets.

He has been THAT bad.

I might get a little more into Joe later, but 3 things stuck out in my mind from NFL Week 3.

Week 3 NFL Musings

  1. Justin Herbert is a stud, or a gangster quarterback, as Coach Wannabe called him. The AFC West is home to 4 solid squads. This division will provide weekly headlines all season.
  2. Big Ben is done. The Steelers lost, at home, to the Bengals, 24-10.
  3. The Jets are worse than I thought; and I already thought they were the worst franchise in football.

Chargers at Chiefs – No Joe West

With so much going on Sunday, I didn’t get to watch the entire Chargers at Chiefs game. Don’t forget that Arrowhead Stadium provides one of the best home-field advantages in the NFL.

The Chargers had a 14-3 lead at the half, only to watch the Chiefs go up 24-21 with around 7 minutes left.

I’m getting ahead of myself, let me rewind.

LA went 3-and-out on their 1st possession, with their 2nd possession stalling after 6 plays and 23 yards. The next possession resulted in a play that included a Tyreek Hill fumble (recovered by LA) and a 15-yard Edwards-Helaire low block penalty.

Charger ball near mid-field.

Herbert Takes Over

Herbert connects on 4 of 5 passes, including a 4-yard TD pass to Allen.

Next Kansas City possession results in another fumble, with Herbert taking the ball and throwing his 2nd of 4 TDs.

KC kicks a field goal, and that’s the end of the half.

The second half was a great 30 minutes of football. There were 9 possessions and 4 lead changes. 6 of the possessions resulted in points, there was 1 punt, an interception and the end of the game.

With the game tied 24-24, Mahomes gets the ball at their own 25. After a 2-yard Helaire run to get to the 2-minute warning, Mahomes misses across the middle to bring up 3rd & 8. He scrambles a little then floats one over Kelce’s head, getting picked off for the second time. It was KC’s 4th turnover. LA had none.

Herbert gets the ball on his own 41. He methodically moved the offense down the field, with nothing but swag in the pocket. They did get helped out by a 15-yard defensive pass interference call.

All Comes Back to the Total – 55

Anyways, Herbert is a boss, but what I’m eventually getting to is the total! It closed at 55 at most shops. 30-24 is 54. That might look innocent enough on the surface, thinking the usual, “man, those odds makers are good”.

Did you know that Charger kicker Tristan Vizcaino missed 2 extra points? That’s right! He missed 2 of 3 extra points. Some shops closed at 55.5, but those 2 points would have put money in OVER bettors pockets, and we all know joe public loves the OVERs.

Did you see last week’s article that gave the NFL Week 2 betting report?

Big Ben – Not the Palace of Westminster

I’m not going to get into Big Ben and his geriatric ways, because he’s been great for a long time. I have a ton of respect for him, with most of my memories of Ben being him running from would-be tacklers, throwing them off and eyeing downfield for a long gain.

However, it looks like he’s done. Sure, the Steelers were without their sparkplug TJ Watt. Hopefully this stops dudes from doing holdouts, or as he was doing, a holdin. Football players have training camp for a reason. They’ve been doing this a long time and have things figured out.

It’s the same with the Jets. What can I say that I haven’t already said? Blah blah blah. Any player, that has any sense, will see just how dysfunctional this franchise is, and be on their way once their rookie contract has been played out.

Look what they did with Sam Darnold. They never gave that guy a chance. And now look at him. Panther Coach Matt Rhule and offensive coordinator Joe Brady are showing us why Darnold was drafted 3rd overall.

I for one am now a fan of the Panthers. I will be rooting for Darnold to turn out to be great, and give further proof just how bad the Jets really are.

Joe West Gotta Go

So Joe West. Things we so bad in the Yankees – Red Sox game, that I woke up this morning and started researching our buddy Joe West.

His smug, fat face disgusts me. It’s like it’s all a joke to him and somehow is making it about him. In my research this morning, he plans to retire after this season. Hopefully his grade is so bad we won’t see him in the playoffs.

He misses balls AND he misses strikes. Like, even if he was consistent on calling strikes on inside balls to righties or balls on pitches that get left-middle of the plate on lefties balls, we could handle it. But he’s inconsistently inconsistent.

Of course that’s a joke, because I could barely follow that myself. The point being, Joe West gotta go!

His treatment of Pete Walker last week in Tampa and then this weekend in maybe the biggest series in baseball this season was the icing on the cake to me.

It is funny that after this week and now so many media reports saying Joe West is retiring. I was talking to a buddy last night about him. I said, if we all see it, MLB has to see it too, so hopefully this is his last year. And if it is, thank you baseball Gods and thanks for your service Cowboy / Cuntry Joe West.


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