Let the Games Begin – Return of Between the Chalk

Years ago, in the middle of my coke binging days, I used to do a piece called Between the Chalk. I’ve been asked by so many about getting it going again, that now that I’ve started my own website, no one can tell me not to.

Who TF is Joe Berra? Who Cares?!?

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m an ex-paramedic that now lives in Costa Rica. Through the jigs and reels I’ve managed a pretty good life here in this Central American paradise. Sun, surf, heat, monkeys, palm trees, drugs, girls … what more do you want?

Sports has always been a huge part of my life, so naturally, I gravitated towards sports bars. That’s how I’ve met 80% of the people I know. Before coming here, I had no idea just how big the sportsbetting industry was here in Costa Rica. There’s probably more than a hundred sportsbooks that have their operations based here.

Professional Handicapper

One thing I was always good at predicting games, and once I got the inside scoop on betting lines and how & why they move, has been a game changer. I currently sell picks at ActionSportsPicks.com, which is a sister site of VegasTopDogs.com, owned by Tony Karpinski.

I had a decent NCAAB season, with a winning percentage of 61%, before I faded the last month, finishing 81-72-5, good for 53% and a 6310 unit profit. My MLB picks are rounding into shape, with lots of underdog value these days.

Anyways, enough about me.

Between the Chalk

This is about the return of Between the Chalk. Between the Chalk was a place where I spilled all my dirty laundry. I felt so dirty after an afternoon / evening / night / morning of partying, it somehow made me feel better about myself.

Things have changed a little in my life, I don’t go 7 days a week anymore. I’ve matured to 3 … sometimes 4, or if friends are in town, maybe it is 7 … but that’s just semantics. The column will be a well-directed rant at the top sports stories of the day before.

There was always a personal touch, but I gave what people wanted. An honest, unbiased (maybe) opinion. Some have told me it’ll never fly with today’s society, but we still have freedom of speech, right?

Boys @ Bucs

How about the kickoff to the 2021 NFL season? DAAAAAAMN Smokey … TB12 & Dak did it right. Combining for the most passing yards in a Thursday kickoff game. Brady would have thrown for nearly 450 & 5 without some big drops. The same could be said for Dak, with CeeDee stone handing a few.

Great to see AB doing AB things. If that guy can keep his head straight, he can be a top 5 WR this year, easily. Very surprised at Zeke’s line, was definitely expecting much more from him in the game plan. Oh … I was on the OVER in case you didn’t buy my pick. I liked the total around 54.5 last night, so getting the OVER where I did at -101 was gold.



What’s Up With the Mets?

One more thing before I go (I always loved Columbo). How f^k’d up are the Mets?

A couple days after acting Mets GM Zack Scott was put on administrative leave for a DUI, President Alderson come out and talks about Jacob deGrom and how he had / has a partial tear of the UCL in his right elbow.

Yesterday, we had a deGrom rebuttal, telling reporters on Thursday that his elbow ligament is “perfectly fine.”

What is going on with this organization? Do they realize that just two weeks ago the Mets won 6 in a row, and 8 of 10, atop the division and hunting for the pennant? Stop with the bullshit drama and let the boys play!

Between the Chalk Will Be Back

I hope you read all the way through and enjoy your Friday. I’m finishing up some work, which I will talk about an awesome software build I am in the middle of very soon. Friday is sushi day, and I’m so fucking excited about it!

The weekend is ripe with amazing sports. Including this amazing run by Canadian tennis player Leylah Fernandez. I’ll be back tomorrow, with a quick glimpse at tonight’s action and the Saturday college football schedule.

Stay tuned for some stories from my Friday adventures!

“Between the Chalk”

Joe Berra

Some or all of the stories, ideas and opinions shared in Between the Chalk may or may not be fact or fiction. These articles are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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